Being part of IPP presentations this week was a little bittersweet.

We’ve all been waiting for this moment, counting down the weeks until our year long projects would wrap up. Sitting in the crowd with all of my classmates and peers on the final day of presentations brought a wave of emotion over me that I wasn’t expecting.

It made me realize that I will no longer see all of the faces that have become a second family to me over the past two years. We have experienced so much together. It’s been a bit of a blur sharing what most people describe this program as the best and worst two years of their lives.

There were tears, laughter and a lot of hugging yesterday. Some people are leavings classes early to start work. While it’s an exciting time, it’s also a little sad.

I am one of those students leaving early. I begin my career at McKim Monday, and won’t be attending any more classes with my bffcc’s.

I am so proud of all of us for all of our hard work… Especially IPP’s. I’ll be sharing my IPP video and pics next week.






Let’s Play!


We have reached the time of year where things are slowly beginning to wrap up. Graduation is approaching, IPP’s have been submitted, and presentation schedules are posted.

For the past six months, I have contributed so many hours of my life to something that I not only strongly believe in, but something that I truly love.

I spent many evenings and weekends hanging out with animals that have been abandoned, neglected and abused. They now have shelter, love, and support from an amazing group of people that dedicate their days to making a difference at D’Arcy’s A.R.C.

D’arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre first opened their doors in 2001, and since then, they have found permanent homes for over 10, 575 animals. They are a for life shelter. Any animal that is brought into their care will have shelter and support until they find their forever home. That might mean that they spend their life at D’Arcy’s, and that’s okay. They will not be euthanized because they need surgery, they will not be euthanized because they are older and are less likely to get adopted. They will have a home at D’Arcy A.R.C.

I found a way to give back to this amazing shelter by filming and producing an 8 minute promotional video that shared D’Arcy’s values, goals and the special stories of two animals that are up for adoption.

I have planned a Puppy Playdate to celebrate the premiere of this video and to raise funds and supplies for D’Arcy’s A.R.C.

This is a dog friendly event, but they are not mandatory! If you want to support me, or support a great charity in Winnipeg that makes a huge difference in our community then please join me Sunday, March 10, at Sprockett’s Doggy Day Camp between 11am and 1pm. This a great chance to mingle with other dog owners while your dog gets his own shmooze on. There will be two viewings of this video in both hours, along with puppy paw painting, a designated doggy photographer, a prize package courtesy of Cvets Pets, and snacks and refreshments.



After a long, hard week, I let loose.

I feel worn down. I put on my sweat pants and let my hair free. For approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds I go absolutely crazy.

I dance and I dance and I dance. I clap, snap, sing, stomp, I throw my hands up in the air, and I shake my hair all over the place for the entirety of this song. By the end, I feel relief and I am warm, and I feel happy. You should try it too.

Wish I would have seen these guys at Folk Fest a few years ago.

Much Love.


Hockey Break

Over the past week or so everyone has been feeling pressure from looming and quickly approaching deadlines. With IPP submissions, integrated marketing campaign for Red River Radio and Friend Match, website building, and real estate marketing on our radar, free time hasn’t exactly been on our side.

I’ve spent many late nights on campus working hard on projects, skipping my fave pvr’d programs to try and get a bit ahead.

I did however manage to take a trip down memory lane and check out the annual Riverview 4×4 outdoor hockey tournament for a few hours. The tournament is only available to those who grew up in Riverview, so for me (a former Riverview kid), this tourney brings back a ton of memories and it’s always great to see old familiar faces.

The CringPits is the team I cheer for each year, as my boyfriend organizes this team with our friend Karli Colpitts (the only girl in the entire tournament).

It’s a ton of fun, I’m glad I forced a break to watch these characters enjoy a day playing hockey on some outdoor ice.



IKEA Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

ONLY because once I finished  the never-ending path that took me through the store, combined with the mental struggle of ‘this throw pillow or that throw pillow’ that seemed to continuously confront me–  I was pretty much ready to throw my hands up, toss my clothes in a pile and jump into a hot, steamy bubble bath.

But, maybe that’s just me?


This was my third trip to IKEA.  I went for the first time just after it opened with my Cruise Media internship, where I was given the task of setting up my office area for under $50. Easy Peasy- had that task in the bag. Kept things simple, crisp, comfy, and allowed silver, white, and black accents to emulate the feel of the Cruise Media office and their white desks.

The second trip involved Nicolas and I. We were shopping for throw pillows for his boudoir. Never. Again. I felt so much pressure to make a speedy decision since you can’t just magically return to the previous section. The store is designed to take you through various sections of the store, and it isn’t an easy task to just mosey on back to a previous area due to its maze-like structuring. My navigation on the street is sub par, never mind a plethora of home furnishings to add to the confusion. Needless to say, the pressure was too much. Nicolas returned home without throw pills, annoyed, and we even wound up in a bit of a fight. Apparently throw pillow shopping takes a few trips? Who knew.


My third trip to IKEA was pretty different. I was able to kick-back and let the former Psychology student in me take over as I allowed myself to not only observe people, but also how they behaved in their surroundings. I love people watching at the best of times– mix this in with advertising and I am in IKEA Heaven.

I reviewed our market research questions prior to our arrival and made some early assumptions on a few questions. While a few assumptions were correct, I was a little surprised at some of the shoppers out at 10AM. I was expecting to see a lot of older women who had likely just retired, plus, new moms looking for affordable items to fill out their new homes and new families. I was correct, there certainly was a strong presence of these women. However, I also found a number of men shopping together and younger couples in their early thirties. I made the assumption that these young couples must be a combination of mat leave and/or shift work looking for items to finish their home furnishings. They were looking at things varying from tables, to pots and pans, to lighting fixtures.

I found that a number of people were quick to snatch up smaller items, but took their time on larger items. I observed one older woman shopping for dining room tables for a good ten minutes. She was comparing seat height to table ratio, checking the quality of the wood, and comparing prices among an array of dining room tables. She brought her son along and asked him for his opinions along the way as well.

I personally found that I was quick to pick up smaller items, because I feared not being able to find it later and didn’t want to feel as though I had missed out on anything. Even on a poor student budget, I was handling jars, pillows, candle holders and lint rollers. Realizing the items were unnecessary at the end, I managed to put them down. I definitely get the sense that a number of people would impulse shop at IKEA. Truthfully, I believe the store is designed that way. The long maze takes you through various sections of the store, but makes it difficult to return to past areas due to fear of congesting the flow of IKEA foot traffic. So, you pass by a set of glasses, they’re pretty cute…. you don’t want to miss out– Oops! They’re in your bag.

I think IKEA is great for Winnipeg. I think it’s a great thing for our economy. It’s great for people living on a tighter budget. Especially those starting new families, or people looking to find some affordable finishing touches to their homes. Sure, the quality falls short at times. It can also be a pain in the butt building these items. It is very clear prior to purchase that IKEA items need to be built. No surprises there. I don’t think people invest in IKEA products because they’re going to last them a lifetime. I think they find the price, convenience, and the somewhat modern styles very attractive though.

Once I wrapped up my people watching shift, I headed to the cafeteria with a few girlfriends to enjoy the $2 coffee and cinnamon bun deal. Like most Winnipegers’ I do enjoy the odd deal, and this one was too hard to pass up. Screw the diet for a minute. Great friends, tasty coffee, and a gooey bun to finish my IKEA trip? Great way to start my week.

Peace and Love.


Who Woulda Thunk? A Controversial Wheat Board Ad.

I was listening to the radio as I was driving to school the other day, and there was a lot of fuss being made over the Canadian Wheat Board and a “controversial”  ad that was used to encourage farmers to sign up for the board’s “winter pool” offering to sell their grain.

Call me old fashioned but I kind of thought that the Canadian Wheat Board, plus a racy(ish) advertisement, equaled an oxymoron? I had to check it out for myself.


Do I think that the girl riding the fence represents anything to do with wheat? Not really. Do I think that it’s distasteful? I don’t really think so. I see a well known illustration of a sassy pinup up girl, that is used in conjunction with a play-on words to get farmers attention. I personally find it pretty cute. In my mind, the retro pinup illustration goes hand-in-hand with thinking about the future. Some people may be influenced to look back in time and think about how farming has changed over the years. The message is on point. I suppose larger corporations need to be very careful about ruffling any feathers. My opinion doesn’t matter, but I personally don’t see any harm done. I certainly don’t think that the integrity of the Canadian Wheat Board should be in question over this ad.

However, I’m not a farmer and I don’t sell grain for my livelihood.

What do others think? Do you think that this ad tarnishes the image of the Canadian Wheat Board?


I am just reeling with excitement this morning!

My mother just called me with the best possible news. After nine long (wonderful) months, my sister finally gets to meet her beautiful baby boy! This little boy means more to my family than you could ever understand, but mainly because he is the first boy to join us. My father has been blessed with tons of women in his life, but I think he’s secretly dying to have some testosterone around.

She went to the Women’s Pavilion at 5am with her bags packed, eager to meet her little man. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms, touch his little fingers and give him the softest kisses.

Big hugs and the most love to my sister and her growing family.


Top of Mind: Oh Christmas Tree

It’s Saturday morning, snow is falling, and I have Christmas on my mind.

We finished classes yesterday, and I started thinking that I may actually get to enjoy Christmas break this year. We’re finished classes early, and although work placement begins, our evenings won’t be as tied up with assignments. I have my work and soccer schedule for the entire month of December and being able to relax a wee bit is looking pretty promising.

One of the first things on mind today: CHRISTMAS TREE! In my 27 years of breathing, I have never had a real Christmas tree. I’ve been told this is a serious crime. Apparently I’ve been missing out?

Nicolas and I are going to head down to Shelmerdine’s the first week of December to pick my first REAL tree! This is a great little family business that has been around for years, keeping family traditions alive.

Shelmerdine’s Nursery is celebrating their 75th year in business, and are proud of their rich family history, not to mention being continuously recognized by friends, customers and by the horticultural industry as a reputable leader in their field.

I was just visiting their site, and as a real tree virgin, I found this little article about choosing a Christmas tree pretty helpful.

Second thing on my mind: My baby girl, Sophie. This will be her second Christmas with me, and she needs something special.

Christmas rant for today? Check!

Much Love,


A Few Faves

Saturday morning’s are my favourite day during the week to treat myself to a bit of a sleep in, take my time getting ready, and make myself a healthy breakfast.

I woke up at nine this morning and used a few of my fave products. Thought I’d share them in this post.


Back: Pink Sangria Candle (Bath and Body Works), Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Hair Serum, Shea Cashmere Hand Cream (Bath and Body Works), Clean and Clear Facial Cleansing Tissues, Vitamin E Face Mist (Body Shop), St. Tropez Body Bronzer Front: Essie Nail Polish, Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (Kiehl’s), Clinique Eye Cream

The candles from Bath and Body Works are to die for. I have a number of these candles in various places throughout my home.  These candles are available in both three wick and single wick and add ambiance to any room, while infusing it with a delicious smell. You should play around with lighting multiple scents, there are some yummy smelling combos among these gems.

I also love climbing out of the shower and using my Kiehl’s face masque. It tightens the skin, minimizes pores and leaves your skin feeling very clean.

The Clean and Clear wipes are a wonderful addition to any makeup bag or gym bag. They shouldn’t replace your normal skin routine, but they’re certainly handy when you’re in a rush. The Neutrogena line is awesome as well. I was introduced to these while camping, and fell in love with the convenience and how refreshing they are. A true life saver!

Much Love!


Saying goodbye is always the hardest thing to do. You will be greatly missed Uncle Tom.

“We fight to hang on, because that’s what we do” – you were a very charming, kind and wise man. Love that you snuck a little wave in at the very end.

Mom and I will have a gin tonic in memory of you and Grandma. Give her a kiss for us.

Peace and love.